Bali Team Building Fun Games

Bali Team Building Program is an exciting training activity combining the fun games and character building to build a strong teamwork, leadership, and communication skill improvements. It is also motivating all trainees to achieve their company/organization’s goals. Bali Group Organizer is your one stop event organizer provides team building training program those can be performed indoor either outdoor. All of our programs are attractively created by our professional and experience trainers by taking concept of FUN, SAFETY, EDUCATION and EXCITING.

Bali Team Building Programs with Great Challenges

These activities are designed by our professional trainers with sustainable improvements. We accommodate the company/organization/group’s themes, needs and problem facing. We are also open for tailor made programs that can be met with your group requests, local environment and condition supports. Our training programs will be full of fun, learning by doing, force your badness and motivate individual or group spirits to work on single jobs efficiently and on time manner. Our training programs assist you to give out of your group problems and improve some basic of organization environments. Those are including great teamwork, communication skills, leadership, speedy of work, efficient and effectiveness to achieve the goals.

The Benefits of Our Bali Team Building Programs

Benefits for Individual

  • Establishment and Development of Personal Attitudes:
    • To increase self-confidence and self-motivation
    • To improve every individual toward positive thinking
    • To recognize every individual toward the environment
  • Establishment and Development of Personal Skills:
    • To improve the Interpersonal Skill
    • To improve the Leadership Skill
    • To improve the Communication Skill
    • To improve the Teamwork
    • To improve the Wide Management Perspective and Strategy

Benefits for Group/Company/Organization

  • To improve and making stronger of Teamwork
  • To improve the harmony of working environment
  • To improve the productivity for every employee or every personnel in organization
  • To improve the motivation for every employee or every personnel in organization to achieve the goals
  • To improve the loyalty for every employee or every personnel in organization
Bali Group Organizer is your reputable event organizer arrange the team building programs those are created by our professional trainers and teams.

Basic Training

  • Briefing
  • Mission assessment and planning – to understand about the mission
  • Action and Reflection
  • Scoring
  • Evaluation


Outdoor activities are based on the following training method:

  • Game Structure
  • Grooved scenario
  • Rules of game, sanction and reward
  • Scoring

Indoor activities based on the following training method:

  • Relaxation
  • Indoor games

Choice of Team Building Programs

Beacbali, team building, beachh Team Building
Beach Team Building is an exciting team building executed on the beach with attractive games and ready for wet, see more..Program Details
Spirit of Rafting Team BuildingHSBC, Bank, Jakarta, Bali, White, Water, Rafting
It is a great combination water adventure and team building game to explore beautiful river with 3 rapids level and more .. Program Details
sea cruise, lembongan, bali Cruise Wacky Olympic Games
The most exciting activities to explore Nusa Lembongan Island with luxury cruise combined with fun team building, more.. Program Details
bali, muddy, land, team, building Muddy Land Life Struggling
Getting wet and muddy with exciting team building games to bring your group into unforgettable experiences, more .. Program Details
Canoe Fun Race Team Buildingbali, canoe, races, games
It is a great team building with canoe race and attractive beach games those are totally exciting  and memorable, more .. Program Details
bali, masterchef, chef, cooking, cook, competitionMasterChef Cooking Competitions
It is an exclusive cooking competition designed for group travelers to compete on cooking process more.. Program Details
Dorairaj, Malaysian, Balloon, Transfer Bali Garden Team BuildingGarden Team Building
Garden Team Building is a fun team building attractively created with exciting games conducted in the garden, more.. Program Details
Treasure Hunt Team BuildingMedtronic, International, Treasure, Hunt, ATV
It is a fantastic game to find the hidden things using vehicles or without using vehicles to give more challenges. See More.. Program Details
vw, bali, safari, toursBali Fun Rally Team Building
You will enjoy the exciting trips to explore Bali Island use choice of vehicles combined with great team building, more.. Program Details
bali, raft, rafting, building, gamesRaft Building Race Games
It is an attractive team building games with more challenges to create your own raft to explore the sea or river, see more .. Program Details
bali, tree, top, adventures, team, building Tree Top Team Building
It is perfect team building program combining garden team building and flying fox game packages those are very exciting, more .. Program Details