Warisan Group – Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting

Warisan Group – Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting

Warisan Group is one of our clients who join Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting Activities together with their 53 staff including top level management. The activities have been started when our team pick them up at their office and drop to rafting start point at Petang Village. It was very impressive and exciting since most of the participants are well on bike riding and explore the pure natures along the tropical track. The trips ha explored the rice field, beautiful Balinese Village and stop over at the restaurant. We have set the great challenges of some games along the track that the group participant from Warisan must complete it. It was great adventure and giving much memory as well as able to create a great motivation of teamwork that the Warisan look for.

29 November 2015

Warisan Group

Warisan Group

Warisan is one of the local corporate companies leading in hospitality furniture found in 1989. The company progressively growth to become a modern high end hospitality furniture manufacturer in Bali with several office and showroom. For this trip, the group participants are most coming from Bali Office and Banyuwangi Office those have presented the great and compact teamwork along the activities.


Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt – Team Building

Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Game is one of the exciting games of Team Building Activities those are designed tailor made to accommodate with the company trip’s theme. This activity is well designed to combine Cycling Adventure and Treasure Hunt Game that force the group participant to collect the treasure troves along the track.




White Water River Rafting

River Rafting is the most fantastic water adventures in Bali that tourist much love it. The group has experienced this activity by step down at rafting start point and explore beautiful river with 3 rapids level within 2 hours. These activities are also as a Group Reference for other companies who interested with the adventures and team building.